Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oral History: For the Qualitative Researcher

Oral history has great value. It can provide many new and different outlooks on a piece of history because of the way it is obtained (usually from memory), and presented (orally). This makes the content capable of being much more rich and meaningful as compared to other forms of history. This is really a cool project because of the interaction I had with the person I interviewed. It was very personal, and I thought it was really cool to get a first hand explanation about her life. I'm doing this post now, trying to catch up, so I wanted to just give a little thought at this time: after I have already done the interview.
I interviewed my girlfriends Nana. She is 97 years old. I really enjoyed doing this interview and learning so much about her life. She is a very interesting lady with a lot to say. I hope you like reading my interview! I got it down almost word for word, so it's very authentic.

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